“The Grey Revolution”

November 10, 2013

“The Grey Revolution”

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Maybe it was this John Lennon statement that guided a group of young minds to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. The passion we had in our hearts for Technology alone was our driving force with support from friends and family. The path, then, was less trodden but interesting enough for people who wanted their career to be self made. With a mission to “Enable Efficient Use of Technology Globally” the dream became a reality on August 2004. From a humble idea born in a hostel room it went on to become the Grey Technologies.

The passion had to be evident in every element of Grey, starting right from its name.


1. Grey Revolution: The tremendous growth in electronics, followed by the invention of transistors by making use of the Grey Coloured semiconducting elements Germanium(Ge ) and Silicon(Si) was termed as Grey Revolution or the Electronic Revolution

2. Grey Matter: A part of the brain that influences intelligence.

3. Grey Technologies: Technologies that make use of the Grey Elements- Si & Ge- ie, Electronics and IT

In 2008, the firm was upgraded from a partnership organization to a Private limited company registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India under the name of “Grey Technolab (India) Pvt. Ltd“, with the trade mark “Grey Technolabs”.

Today Grey Technolab (India) Pvt. Ltd is an Integrated Technology Solutions Provider, delivering end to end solutions to improve business and personnel efficiency. We act as a single door access to our clients related to their various requirements related to IT, Security and Communication infrastructure and provide R&D and consultancy services in software and electronic systems. We have a growing business network consisting of leading manufacturers, suppliers, solution providers and distributors to deliver the solutions at a fast rate ensuring highest quality standards. We provide technology training services to corporate clients. Individual students  and educational institutions.

On this decennial year of Grey , we decided to move forth with our Vision, “To be the foremost in the cause of crowning India by strategically developing, popularizing, and propagating definitive innovations, way ahead of client gratification” , To initiate this, Grey decided to come up with certain new projects .

To begin with we opened the R&D HOUSE at Kaloor, on 1st August 2013. This is exclusively dedicated for R&D work of Grey, with the Edappalli office exclusively for client services & training activities. The opening gave an added boost to the research team bringing out exemplary results.

Technology improves with every moment around the world and the contributions we offer can improve its standards only when we are at par with the change . To ensure this, Grey started organizing One Day workshops . GREY ONE DAY WORKSHOPS  provide participants with a unique learning experience with topics on the cutting-edge of technical innovation today. These workshops are focused on providing an opportunity for participants to learn first-hand from the field experts. Each workshop is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and its myriad applications and potential for innovation. Workshops are offered in Embedded Systems, DSP,DIP, Hardware & Networking, Security Systems, PCB Designing,  Java Technologies, Robotics, Advanced C etc. The experience of gaining the right information from the best faculty will be an added advantage. The workshop provides real hands on experience. This has been proven helpful especially to the students who rarely get a practical experience of things learnt in their lecture. We believe in and offer technology aided technical education. These workshops also act as a good exposure for students and attendees of workshop to build up contacts with professionals of the field. Grey One Day Workshop series is designed for practicing engineers and technical professionals who are innovators, have a desire to learn more, are in a career transition, or considering a career change. Also, students in these technology areas will benefit greatly not only from the expert knowledge gained, but from the new opportunities, as they are making their career choices. The registration form for the same is available in our site. These workshops are usually conducted on weekends , so that its more convenient for professionals as well as students. Visiting our website regularly will keep you in track of our workshop schedule. These workshops are usually conducted free or at very economical fee rate with the intention to propagate and popularize technologies, among the students and technology enthusiasts, or, as we like to call them, the ‘Technologists of Tomorrow’.

“Technologists of Tomorrow” is a page handled by us in Facebook which works as an interactive platform for members to be updated with the technology. Grey’s blog page is open to students to put up their write ups on technology . It can be on anything, right from a theory to a modern gadget, the topic only need to be tech related.

We understand the necessity to reach out to our clients and students to offer services. This thought leads us to initiate the ONLINE TRAINING PORTAL, enabling the client and student network of Grey to expand around the globe. Various Online training programmes are available on Embedded Systems /Java Technologies/ DSP and Project Guidance. Classes will be delivered through web meetings. Live interactive training mode and recorded training will be available.

Those people who start off doing project without external assistance at times get stopped in midway due to unavailability of required gadgets  or software like simulation tools. These are readily available in the market but are certainly out of reach of those with a small budget and require only a single time use .It is considering this scenario we decided to be a helping hand to them. We already had the required facilities, so we decided to expand it so that it is made available to all on a payment basis. We could arrange the required gadgets and provide use of those softwares conveniently. This is the concept of RENT-A-LAB. We see that the number of small start-ups has been increasing in recent years. But these smaller companies often have limited facilities, and the concept of Rent-A-Lab can again prove helpful here. Our fully equipped walk-in electronic  labs are open to students, academics,entrepreneurs and research people with facilities which include simulation tools, several IDE’s, SBC’s, components  and hands on tools to develop their ideas into working products/prototypes. They can use our facilities on a short-term, ad hoc basis, anything from an hour to several weeks. The Rent-A-Lab facility is available with or without technical guidance from our  Embedded system, DSP and Software departments.

To provide its scientific customers with access to the latest technologies, Grey Technolabs regularly arranges technology showcasing. Everyone benefits from this arrangement. Our customers will get to use state-of-the-art equipment, and technology providers expose their products to the scientific community.

The survival mantra in the technical world has always been that  “ The success is devoted exclusively to those who complete tasks with highest quality in minimum time” . It was on this principle that we decided to go forth with the concept of MODULE WORKSHOPS. If its upgrading your practical knowledge with Embedded Systems/DSP/Software Development that you want but has less time to spare or if your knowledge in development is not helpful enough in interfacing a new hardware module or if all you need is to refresh your memory on a particular feature in microcontroller or add an additional hype to the resume with a new technology learnt , We have the perfect solution. The  Demand based Module Training. These are very short term trainings (usually spans from an hour to a couple of days) where the trainee can request for a particular topic and the faculty of Grey will provide  training  particularly for the same.  Aspirants from Technical/ research/ academic  can approach us choosing from the wide range of topics offered. The courses are less time taking and shortened to small modules so that it covers only the topic demanded by our clients and students. Some of the courses offered are listed in our website. Customized modules will be available on request. In the case of module workshops which deal with hardware peripherals/components hardware modules are available for purchase from Grey  as well as can be taken for rent for specific period of time. Incase of such workshops clients and students are requested to apply for the same at least a week before the required date.

Today in this highly competitive world most of the employers are looking for experienced candidates. We are offering a new breed of training, which not only trains the fresher graduates towards latest technologies, but also prepare them to be a part of industry. In this 100% practical experience oriented training, all participants will be considered as trainee engineers, involving in real time projects and are made to work in the real industrial standards. Along with this, they will receive training in various fields. This has been named as INDUSTRIAL ORIENTED TRAINING PROGRAMME, IOTP.

We are also planning on starting a new concept where the students pursuing their  technical courses get a hands on experience with the practical industry level applications related to the  topics they learn during their course of study  . Practical oriented topics will be selected from the syllabus and students would be given a chance to have first hand experience of the same. They will be made to  deal with practical problems giving them a trial industrial experience. Apart from the case of One Day Workshops these are long term courses and will be conducted along with their course of study. It will be conducted on weekdays and weekends as convenient to the students. More details of the same are available on the site.

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