• Grey Revolution: The tremendous growth in electronics, followed by the invention of transistors by making use of the Grey Coloured semiconducting elements Germanium(Ge) and Silicon(Si) was termed as Grey Revolution or the Electronic Revolution
  • Grey Matter: A part of the brain that influences intelligence.
  • Grey Technologies: Technologies that make use of the Grey Elements- Si & Ge- ie, Electronics and IT
Grey Technolab (India) Pvt. Ltd is an Integrated Technology Solutions Provider, delivering end to end solutions to improve business and personnel efficiency. We act as a single door access to our clients related to their various requirements related to IT, Security and Communication infrastructure and provide R&D and consultancy services in software and electronic systems. We have a growing business network consisting of leading manufacturers, suppliers, solution providers and distributors to deliver the solutions at a fast pace, ensuring highest quality standards. We provide technology training services to corporate clients and educational institutions.



“ To be the foremost in the cause of crowning India

by strategically developing, popularizing, and propagating definitive innovations,

way ahead of client gratification ”

Our vision is to play a  major role in the march towards the materialization of the “Vision 2020”, as projected by Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, for realizing the position of India among the developed nations and then on to a major power. We realize that the path towards the achievement of our vision is to endorse our native technologies beyond the confinement of geographical boundaries.



“Enabling efficient use of technology,


Our determination is to accomplish our mission by spreading innovative ideas towards the implementation, up gradation, popularization, and utilization of creative technologies by being, as well as creating, the masters, of the cause and the result. To convey the fruits of our operations research to the hands of the deserved and the demanding in a technologically and economically well carved out manner by building and prospering strategic and goodwill partnerships with like minded organizations.



” We, at Grey Technolabs, are committed to pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors through processes of self-evaluation, continuous improvement and constant technological up gradation , upholding our core values namely ethics, innovation, social commitment, customer satisfaction and quality of service. “


The company was established in the year 2004 in the name “ Grey Technologies” as a partnership firm, with its registered office at Cochin, India, with an objective to serve as a Design House for conducting R&D in the fields related to Embedded Systems & Information Technology. Despite its humble starting, within a couple of years, the name “Grey Technologies” or simply “Grey”, as called by many, became very popular among technology seekers and aspirants. The dedicated and passionate workforce of Grey was able to create a wave of reformation in the fields of Security Systems and Technology Training in Kerala. In the year 2008, we have been upgraded as a Private Limited Company and renamed as “Grey Technolab (India) Pvt. Ltd”, registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The company is mostly known by its Service Mark: “Grey Technolabs” .In 2014, Grey Technolabs widened its geographical reach by opening a branch office at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

As a technology service provider, we deliver end to end solutions to improve organizational performance. We are committed to exceed customer expectations by monitoring, benchmarking and continuously improving our business products and services. Our clients benefit from a full spectrum of services and solutions tailored to meet their needs. Having made a foray into solutions arena we focuses on working with new and challenging questions.

We provide R&D services and custom application developments in the fields of Information Technology and Electronics, such as Customized Circuit Design & Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Developments, Firmware Development & Optimizations, Product Prototyping & Realizations. We support complete, as well as modular developments as per client requirements. Grey has been selected as an Intel Software Partner, and we develop Software products optimized for Intel Architecture. We are known for providing cost effective custom solutions for clients, in order to improve their organizational efficiency.

Our product line comprises of Access Control Systems, Building Security Devices, Surveillance Camera & DVR systems, Data Security Systems, Home Automation Solutions, Attendance Marking Solutions, Customer Relations & Management Solutions, RFiD /Smart Card Solutions, Loyalty Programme Software, Bulk SMS Gateways, Automotive Monitoring & Tracking Solutions, Preventive Maintenance & Remote Reporting solutions, Visitor Management Solutions, Embedded System & Robotics Trainer kits etc.

Grey, ever since its inception was very keen in exploring the technical skills of the student community and we have a well established training division which provides training & guidance for technical students as well as professionals. It has so far served hundreds of students to tune their technical knowledge with the requirements of the industries and to reap the best out of it. The activities of the training division include conducting technical seminars & workshops, providing guidance on projects, course packages etc .It also provides corporate and faculty training services. Many leading educational organizations have officially partnered with Grey for conducting training activities. Grey has been selected by the world’s leading microcontroller manufacturer Microchip Technology Inc, as its Regional Training Partner for conducting corporate and student trainings on Microchip’s products.

To be a guiding source in the technological world, and thus be a pivotal player in the quest towards bringing India at the helm forms one of our long standing visions. We believe that India is the future and also we believe that the future depends on the future of our young minds. Keeping this view in the forefront, we had structured out our development and training policies.

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