What is the meaning of the Name Grey Technolabs?

What is the meaning of the Name Grey Technolabs?

Etymology of the Name:

“Grey matter” is the part of brain, which greatly influence the intelligence of an individual.

“Grey” is the colour of Silicon & Germanium, the semiconductors which form the building blocks of electronics & hence IT industry.

The massive growth in electronics industry, which followed the invention of transistors using semiconductors was termed the “Grey Revolution”.

Hence Grey Technologies, means the technology which uses Grey, ie, electronics. Grey Technologies was the initial name of the organization

Name Variations:

The organization was found in the name Grey Technologies in 2004 and was known in the name till 2008 december.

On 2008 December, the firm was upgraded to a company, with the name “Grey Technolab(India) Pvt. Ltd”.

The ServiceMark of the company is “Grey Technolabs”

It is noted that several people misrepresent the name as Grey Technolabs(India) Pvt.Ltd. It should be noted that the letter “s” is used only when the company is represented by its ServiceMark, “Grey Technolabs”

Even after formation of Grey Technolabs, the organisation is known by the name Grey Technologies, especially among students.

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