Software Development Services

We offer Customized Application Software Development as per client criterion for Web based & Desktop Applications on Java and C based platforms.With the collaboration of our DSP department, we are able to meet various Digital Signal Processing related requirements like Image Processing & Audio Processing Applications, Simulations etc. We have already proved our expertise in designing systems with custom and 3rd party hardware interfaces. Software /firmware developments for ARM processors, Intel Atom Processors and other SBCs(Single Board Computers) are done with the support from our Embedded Systems department.

Mobile Applications are in a greater demand nowadays. These applications could be run on PDAs, Mobile Phones and Handheld Computers. These applications offer necessary tools & connectivity at hand. These applications could be developed as standalone or as web based applications. Typical applications include Field Data Collection, Navigation & Traveler Assistance, Marketing Co-ordination Solutions, Construction Site Management etc.

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