Product Design Services

We perform custom product design services for clients making use of our R&D expertise in the fields of Electronics & IT. We support complete, as well as modular developments as per client requirements. With our expertise in the three domains : Embedded, Software and DSP, clients can entrust us any project completely. Clients are relieved from the effort of finding experts in each domain separately and integrating the individual solutions to get the final product. We have well established facility to support Design Consultancy & Prototyping Services for Embedded Applications as well as Analog/ Digital Electronic Systems. We undertake Firmware, Hardware, PCB and Software system designs to match custom requirements. We perform designs & developments in 8bit,16 bit & 32 bit platforms including Microchip`s 8, 16 & 32 bit PIC & dsPIC Microcontrollers, DSP Processors, ARM core based processors/controllers and Intel Architectures . For Critical System designs multitasking real time system realizations on 32 bit/16 bit/ 8bit RTOS platforms could be incorporated. Our core competency areas include Wireless & Mobile communications, Security Applications, Automations, Location Tracking, Automotive Parameter Measurement & Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance Systems, Smart Cards & RFiD systems, User Interfaces, multi protocol communication, standalone and PC based applications etc. We undertake OEM, as well as complete product developments.

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