Corporate Training Services

Technology Training Services: We offer technology training services for Software and Embedded System development organizations. This helps to reduce the duration of the learning phase for project teams, as our team will be preparing training materials and training the client’s employees in a short span of time, thereby enabling them to jump right into new projects. Our core areas of training are C language, Core Java, Assembly Language for PIC Microcontrollers, Embedded C for PIC Micro controllers, Various Circuit simulation tools, PCB design tools, Image Processing, Sound and Signal Processing, DSP Processors, Wireless communications etc. Our training team is expertised in hardware interfaces for Mobile communication systems like GSM & GPRS, Wireless communications like RF, ZigBee & Bluetooth etc. As the Certified Training Partner of Microchip, Grey Provides certified training with Original Microchip Training material  on various Microchip products.

Enabling Efficient Use of Technology : Even at this age of technology, its often seen that even many educated people are unaware of technologies which are already available at their fingertips. We conduct Technology Usage Training for organizations, in order to improve the performance by enabling efficient use of technology. These training are 100% customized and the training contents are decided based on a detailed analytic study of the organization, its employees and the processes involved.

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