Preventive Manitanence Systems "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine"


Today Quality Management Systems are based on Quality Assurance and not on Quality Control as was done in earlier days. This requires earlier identification/prediction of potential problesms and rectifications of the issues much before it becomes a real problem. Our Embedded , DSP and Software departments join hands to develop solutions towards this. Embedded systems wings research and develop systems which can aquire, store and send data to a processing unit. The digital signal processing units anayze the signals and by making use of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks identifies potential problems. These information, is statistically anlaysed using data mining techniques to suggest solutions to prevent further issues . MIS interfaces are provided over the web/mobile/ tablet PCs or desktop/laptops.

To see some of the products, like REPMAN and REMIT, designed by this team , go to the page Remote Equipment Monitoring Systems 

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